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LGLWSM Newsletter Issue 014 - Electomagnetic Fields and Health - Your Cell Phone is Lurking!
July 09, 2008

Electomagnetic Fields and Your Health - Your Cell Phone is Lurking!

For years I have heard about the dangers associated with electromagnetic fields, have you? I think at some point in time, we have all heard about them. Did you know that your cell phones uses potentially dangerous 'magnetic fields' to transmit signals? Nationally, we’re all obsessed with cell phones. Personally, I know I’ve actually driven many miles out of my way to retrieve mine when I realized that I’d left it somewhere! Heck, I feel naked without it, like I’m missing an arm or a leg! I find that bizarre behavior for an almost 50’s gal.

Cell phones connect us with each other at an alarming rate, but are they really healthy for us? Recently I read another article about them and was so intrigued I just had to tell you about it. If you’ve never heard about electromagnetic fields, you’ve already been using them for years. Your microwave was the first one to hit the market! Over the years I’ve also been using my microwave less and less. I rarely use my microwave at all anymore. Why? Because microwaves contain the same electromagnetic fields that cell phones do.

In 2006 a Swedish study reported that 85 out of 905 brain tumor patients had used mobile phones heavily for over 10 years, and most of their tumors occurred on the same side of the brain that cell phones were held. In March of this year, after reviewing more than 100 studies on the link between cell phone use and Cancer, a prominent Australian neurosurgeon concluded that cell phones could have a broader health risk than smoking. The list of conditions that researchers have associated with electomagnetic radiation include fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbances, problems focusing, Alzheimers, Asthma, Diabetes, and Cataracts.

So far, no one has been able to explain how these seemingly harmless waves could lead to Cancer, much less the laundry list of other health risks associated with their usage. For that reason, few scientists are willing to say for sure that cell phone use will make you sick. The heating effect of electromagnetic waves is well understood. It has been proven that they can burn human tissue if they’re intense enough. Standards set by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) ensure that cell phone emissions are well below the heating threshold. If you don’t believe how powerful they are, watch these two videos:

Watch This Video

Or This Video

However, the Danish Cancer Society suspects that heat isn’t the only way radiation causes health problems. No one has been able to prove that cell phone emissions are detrimental to living tissue. For the time being, the FCC is not considering any changes to its standards for cell phone radiation. Some cell phone companies however, have started including pamphlets about potential health risks to guard against future litigation. There is a possibility that within the next year, scientists may change their minds and shift to a scientific consensus; that cell phone use does have harmful side effects.

In the meantime, what can you do? Here are some safety guidelines to follow until more conclusive studies have been made.

1) Change your cell phone around. If you usually wear it on your pants or belt, alternate sides occasionally. Do the same thing if you hold a cell phone up to your mouth to use it. Switch from the left side to the right side often.

2) Buy products like Blue Tooth or other less expensive microphones that keep cell phones away from your head and have hands free technology. Many states now have laws against holding a cell phone while you’re driving, and many other states are poised to pass similar laws. Get used to them now and get your cell phone away from your head!

3) Don’t let young children use cell phones. Children’s brains are not all the way formed yet, especially toddlers, and they are more susceptible to outside influences and dangerous electromagnetic fields.

4) Don’t talk on your cell phone when you pump gas. This won’t cause any diseases, but it may start a fire. Many fires have been started, exploding gas pumps because of static electricity. That makes holding a cell phone while you’re pumping gas pretty risky business!

5) Text message more often. Yes, you’re still using a cell phone but text messaging takes the phone away from your head. At least there’s less chance of dangerous brain tumors that way.

Its hard to get away from cell phone use. We just accepted them without asking many questions about health issues associated with them. According to Yahoo! News a recent study done by Strategy Analytics showed that there were 1.1 billion cell phones sold in 2007 world wide. That doesn’t include the number of people who were already talking on them or had already purchased them. Talk about a lot of talking!

I also recently read that there are more cell phone subscribers in China than the entire population of the United States. Doesn’t look as if we’ll be ready to pitch cell phones in the trash anytime soon but you can guard against harmful electromagnetic fields by just doing a few simple things. More studies need to be made! Someone needs to find out how risky they really are! Its your life. You decide!

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