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LGLWSM Newsletter 087 - Chronic Inflammation and Cholesterol
November 24, 2015

*One of my subscribers just let me know that the title of the newsletter didn't jive with the content. *Sigh* So I am re-sending it with the title corrected. Sorry for the confusion. I am not sure how this happened but one thing's for sure! Its not a perfect world! :)

I have never really worried about consuming fat. I suppose that’s one reason I’ve been able to stay small. But it seems that consuming more of it’s probably a good idea. Your body cannot function properly without it and neither can fat soluble vitamins.

bacon and eggs image

Another thing I’ve never been concerned about is my cholesterol and have only had it tested a handful of times. I have no clue what my levels are either. I hope you’re not too worried about yours either.

Turns out that cholesterol is supposed to be there and had many benefits you’ve probably never been told about. High cholesterol does NOT play a role in heart disease so don’t think it does. Conventional medicine has been giving bad advice to the real cause - and people have been paying the ultimate price.

There’s only one thing that chronically causes cholesterol to collect inside the arteries and cause blockage. And you’d better believe, it’s not fat in the diet.

So if you’re taking medicines to lower LDL’s, you need to read about it. It may just blow your mind but I hope not!

I am always searching for the truth and I just love it when I find it! When I get REAL advice from a mainstream medicine heart surgeon who is willing to tell the truth about heart disease, you’d better believe I pay attention. I truly wished more conventional physicians would step up to the plate and inform their patients more appropriately and not push BIG PHARMAS agenda – selling the public more drugs. These huge corporations are nothing more than drug pushers promoting pills as end all solutions. And it drives me insane!

Check out my latest find - an organic company that doesn't break the bank. YUM! I love their products and hope you will try them too.

In Peace, Light, and Love,

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