Most women have been taught from an early age to get regular physicals yearly, like mammograms and pap smears, but there are many other types of cancer besides uterine cancer and breast cancer.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to simply 'be aware'. The older you get, the more you should know about how your body works! After all, it’s working for you 365/24/7!

You should have some real insight by now, what is normal for you and what is not normal. If something unusual is going on, then you need to pay attention and not ignore symptoms that could be early signs of cancer. When you listen to your body, you get into a lot less trouble!

In fact, many cancer patients report that they wished they had not waited to get checked out by a physician, when they noticed symptoms that didn’t ‘feel right’. The earlier you catch cancer, the easier cancer is to cure in most cases! Although many symptoms could be caused by a less serious condition, if they persist, it’s important to get checked out just to be safe!

Here's a list of symptoms to be aware of, just in case!

Symptoms of Cancer in Women

One of the first signs of lung cancer is an unexplained shortness of breath or wheezing. Thyroid cancer can also cause breathing difficulties if a tumor is pressing on the trachea. If you are having a hard time breathing, get it checked out immediately. A few years ago, I couldn’t 'catch my breath' and so I immediately went and had an X-ray. Turns out I had burned my lungs using too many harsh chemicals one weekend. (Clorox and weed killer). My doctor gave me a steroid shot to reduce the inflammation. I had learned an important lesson! Either wear a mask when working with chemicals or try alternative products that are natural and not toxic!

Several types of cancer, including leukemia and lung cancer, can cause a chronic cough or other symptoms that mimic bronchitis. If the problems persist, or go away and come back again in a repeating cycle, you’ll need to get your lungs X-rayed. Some lung cancer patients report getting chest pain that extends down the arm or up into the shoulder.

Swallowing problems are most commonly associated with esophageal or throat cancer. Its also sometimes one of the first signs of lung cancer too. A hoarse or low, husky voice or the feeling of something pressing on the throat can be an early indicator of thyroid cancer. The presence of a thyroid tumor will feel as if there is something caught in your throat.

Leukemia is often associated with frequent fevers, flu like symptoms or infections. Leukemia is a cancer of the blood cells that start in the bone marrow. The presence of leukemia causes bone marrow to produce abnormal white blood cells, which crowd out healthy white cells, depleting the body's infection-fighting capabilities.

You can boost your immunity just by eating the right foods! Learn how!

Swollen lymph nodes or lumps on the neck, underarm, or groin are symptoms worth investigating. Enlarged lymph nodes indicate a negative change in the lymphatic system, which can be an early sign of cancer. Finding a lump or an enlarged lymph node under the arm can be a sign of breast cancer. A painless lump on the neck, underarm, or groin may be an early sign of leukemia.

To keep your lymph system circulating efficiently, do regular dry skin brushing, which also helps regenerate skin cells!

Bloating or abdominal weight gain is a common problem as you age but it’s a sign of ovarian cancer for some women. Women diagnosed with ovarian cancer report a sudden onset of unusual abdominal bloating that continued on and off over a long period of time. (As opposed to occurring only a few days each month with PMS.)

Feeling full or being unable to eat is another tip-off for ovarian cancer. Many women report that they have no appetite, even when they haven't eaten for quite some time. Any woman who experiences noticeable bloating or weight gain numerous times, (the diagnostic criteria is more than 13 times over the period of a month, and especially if you also have pelvic pain or a feeling of being overly full), should ask for a pelvic ultrasound immediately.

Pelvic or abdominal pain can mean a lot of things. In fact, because it's a common symptom of fibroids, ovarian cysts, and other reproductive tract disorders, doctors don't always think of cancer when you describe pelvic pain. Make sure your doctor looks at all possible explanations and does a full exam, since pain and cramping in the pelvis and abdomen can go hand in hand with the bloating that often signals ovarian cancer. Leukemia can also cause abdominal pain resulting from an enlarged spleen.

Unusually heavy periods, painful periods, or bleeding between periods could be an early sign of endometrial or uterine cancer. Many women stated that their own doctors seemed 'less than concerned' about their symptoms, overlooking or misdiagnosing complaints as normal peri-menopause. If you have concerns, ask for a trans-vaginal ultrasound.

Rectal bleeding or blood in stools is a common complaint. However, sometimes its not simply bleeding hemorrhoids. Continuous or persistent blood in the toilet is not normal and could be a sign of colorectal cancer. To get answers quickly, schedule a colonoscopy.

Recognizing symptoms could save your life. Don't take your health for granted. Be sure to listen to your 'gut feelings', when it comes to your health. When something seems wrong, it usually is.

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