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LGLWSM Newsletter 090 - What to Do for Better Digestion After a Big Meal or Party
December 19, 2015

I know everyone's busy but... Do you know what to do to feel better if you overeat? There are some definite steps you can take to get relief while you sleep!

Its hard not to overindulge this time of year. But the after effects suck, especially if you get a belly bomb. I didn’t think I ate too much at Thanksgiving but when I got home, my tummy hurt a lot. Thankfully, I knew what to do!

left side sleeping image

So most people know to sleep on their left side for better digestion. I was told to do that during the last trimester of my pregnancy. It was the first time in my life that I’d gotten heartburn… yuck! However, what my doctor didn’t tell me was that taking an additional step – simply changing to another position after a while – would complete digestion. (Don't worry, it's not hard.)

Find out what to do here and what sleeping on your left has to do with your liver. Its pretty cool! (Your body is awesome!)

(As a bonus, you will also learn why exposed skin during the winter season leaves you more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. It’s probably not what you think though. You'll also discover how to resolve it.)

In Peace, Light, and Love,

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