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LGLWSM Newsletter 079 - Before You Go To Sleep Tonight...
December 31, 2014

Last year at this time, I was making BIG plans! I was just sure that 2014 was going to be my comeback year! I had joined a new health group on google+, had made a ton of new friends, and was working towards finding happiness again in my life!

Everything seemed to be going to plan and then the unexpected happened. My dog got very sick. The next four months of the year were grueling, painful, and exhausting. I fought so hard; harder than I’ve ever fought before. But as we all know, things didn’t work out the way I wanted them to and I felt like a BIG FAT FAILURE!

However tonight, I am determined to leave all those feelings of self-persecution behind me. I am going to pick up where I left off! Life is simply too short to NOT be as happy as you can be. One thing Dr. Wayne Dyer suggests to do is to make the last few minutes before you go to sleep count! He suggests that you concentrate only on the good stuff!

For example, instead of going over your ‘to do list’ for the next day, focus on the wishes you want fulfilled in your life instead. Perhaps you don’t think you’re worthy of getting ahead or becoming self-fulfilled. Get those thoughts out of your head!

As Dr Dyer states:

"I remind myself every night in these portentous pre-slumber moments what is offered in the Book of Job (33: 15-16)..."In a dream, in a vision of the night, while slumbering on their beds, then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction."

For me personally, I enter my slumber with a conviction that GOOD THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN. I beseech you to go into your sleep mode by using your mind to assume the feeling of your wishes being fulfilled. This is the beginning of a reprogramming of your subconscious mind."

In other words, you must consciously and subconsciously create the life you want. When you get caught up in the drama or emotions around you or imagine that you’re stuck or trapped, nothing changes.

If you insist on putting other people’s needs before your own and keep on a path of sacrifice and delay, that is all you will continue to experience.

So tonight before you go to sleep (and before the New Year begins) I want you to envision that LIFE YOU WANT, the happiness you deserve, and the dreams you wish fulfilled!

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Concentrate on the good, and banish the bad! Energy Flows where Attention Goes!

Lets jump into the New Year with all that is good on this earth! Surround yourself with people who love you and support you and forget about the people who don’t treat you right and let you down!

Put your energy into what you have today; in the here and now! Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet and yesterday cannot be changed.

Wishing you the VERY BEST of things to come in 2015! It's going to be a great year!

Lots of love,
Carolyn XOXO


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