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LGLWSM Newsletter 096 - Are You a Good Detective? (Correction)
April 29, 2016

(Had to resend this because of incorrect coding I didn't spot earlier. Sorry about that...)

April has certainly flown by! With taxes due by the 15th in the US, you can bet I was busy getting them prepared. There is always so much paperwork to read and sort through. I guess you have to be a bit of a detective these days, just to file them!

detective work image

The same holds true with your health. Sure you can go to your doctor, describe your symptoms, and they’ll get out their pen and pad, and write you a prescription. SMH!

But what if you took your health into your own hands and googled your symptoms? What do you think you’d find? Having done this quite a few hundred times in the past 10+ years, I can tell you from experience that there’s a pattern to what results you’d find.

Paid ads (listed at the top of the results) do not have your best interests at heart. If they did, they wouldn’t have to rally folks to read their pages. Moreover, when researching health problems, there’s one site that always seems to slip into the results page at the top as an unpaid ad. It’s a high propaganda site that’s plastered with corporate influences everywhere. Do you know what site I’m talking about?

If you guessed WebMD, you’d be right.

According to Dr. Mercola:

"WebMD is the most visited health site on the web. While the general belief is that it's a trustworthy source of "independent and objective" health information, it's become quite clear that WebMD is a shill, using its influence to primarily promote corporate-backed health strategies and products."

So if you’re looking for objective views that reflect BOTH sides of the issues, I suggest looking elsewhere. There’s just too many good sites that are NOT paid by corporations to give you answers. There’s, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Weil, Natural News, and a slew of other reliable sites you can trust. And of course, although I haven’t covered all the issues that they have, my site is also trustworthy.

To read more about why you shouldn’t rely on WebMD, read this page.

The human body is simply amazing! When something is going on internally, many times it will be displayed externally. Your fingernails are a great example of this. If you've ever noticed small changes or strange colors on your nails, you need to know what they mean. If you’d like to learn how to interpret these types of nail issues, check it out.

Something else you have to be aware of is the fresh fruits you buy in season. With spring in full swing, there are certainly many mouth-watering options to choose from! However, they won’t do you any good if they get moldy after you bring them home. If you’ve ever wondered which fruits rot the fastest, find out here.

And for those of you who are following the DARK ACT, it’s going back up for a re-vote in congress soon! One month of respite sure didn't last long! (Expletive!) According to the OCA (Organic Consumers Association):

"The closer we get to July 1, the closer we are to winning the battle of all labeling battles. But we’re not there yet. Sens. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) and Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) are still trying to get traction for a federal preemption bill. While in Vermont, the food industry is angling for longer deadlines and exemptions."

Please use this link to contact your senators NOW and tell them to vote against this heinous bill that nullifies your right to know! (And you do have a right to know, now don’t you? )

In Peace, Light, and Love,

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