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LGLWSM Newsletter 108 – The Age of Aquarius
February 03, 2018

LGLWSM Newsletter 108 – The Age of Aquarius

I hope you are off to a good new year! 2018 came at us like a fast moving train. There is SO MUCH going on!

Many people (like myself) are preparing for a global shift and I wanted to mention it. If you feel like there’s WAY too much to keep up with anymore, there’s a good reason for that. It is all because we have left the Piscean Age and have entered the Age of Aquarius - which will be around for the next 2000 years.

unlearn image

Every person on this planet will be affected by the upcoming changes.

*Focusing on self-improvement and introspect will be of service to you at this time. Since we have now entered into the age of information, much of what we’ve been taught will have to be unlearned and relearned. Nothing will be kept secret anymore. Remember that deception is hidden in the darkness.

There are many revelations you may not want to hear. The key is to discuss areas of concern with the people you trust most and cleanse your mind of old notions that have been debunked. It may sound scary but there is always light where there is truth. With all the research I've done on health and the environment, I started the process years ago... so it's going to be easier for me. For others, not so much - but there always has to be a starting point. You cannot repel what is fated.

In all actuality it is truly an exciting time! Can you feel the energy all around you? We are about to break through years and years of disinformation! It is a great time to be alive!

*Listening to 432 Hz music helps tremendously... like this one. I listen to it when I'm working around the house, reading, and during meditation. The key to successful meditation is to keep focus on the light. It is very beautiful, warm, comforting, and freeing! You do NOT have to live in fear anymore!

You can read more about this new age here.

chemtrails in evening sky image

One of the reasons I waited to send this newsletter out was because I didn’t want to be a “Debbie Downer” during the celebrations of the New Year. One of my biggest concerns today is the prevalence and incidence of weather modification happening right under our noses and in our skies. This has to be addressed! I went into great lengths to make the information I've posted is accurate, to the point, and easy to understand. You can read more about what is actually going on by clicking here. It's not good...

applying nail polish image

If you paint your nails regularly, you might want to pay attention to the signs and symptoms that there might be noxious ingredients in the brands of polishes you’re using. I painted my nails before Christmas and as it wore off, I noticed I kept getting a tingling sensation underneath one of my fingernails. When I removed the polish, the symptoms dispelled. It was most strange. I believe that since having cleaned up my diet so much, that most all chemicals bother me like never before. But that is good! It means my body is warning me about potential problems in the products I’m using. If you'd like to know more about nail polish toxicity, read this article. (And yes of course, I threw away the ORLY polish I had used over Christmas!)

colloidal silver image

I don’t know if you’re using it or not but I absolutely LOVE colloidal silver and want to start making my own for pennies on the dollar. Although I’ve used it many times for sinus conditions and for my pets, I hadn’t really studied it. In this article, I answer many questions that most folks have when they’re new to using it or haven’t tried it yet. It’s odorless, colorless, and relatively tasteless but it packs a super antibiotic punch to illness, disease, and common health conditions. Heck, it’s even great for your plants and the soil! What’s not to love! Learn more here.

I will be updating my site soon to secure hypertext protocol. That means my website will be https instead of http. I promise to keep you posted!

In Peace, Light, and Love,

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