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LGLWSM Newsletter 082 - 5 Easy To Fix Health Mistakes
April 02, 2015

Everything you do reflects back on you! Even the most seemingly innocent choices you make can have an effect – good or bad – on your health. We all have habits and things we get used to doing over time. Things we think are perfectly normal... But sometimes you have to re-train your brain!

For example, raise your hand if you think it’s a good idea to brush after every meal! Yep, we all grew up hearing those 4 words. "Brush after each meal".

But did you know that it’s especially a bad idea to brush after breakfast? Find out why just below:

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5 Easy to Fix Health Mistakes

  • All fruits and fruit juices are acidic... some more than others! Problem is, brushing after you consume orange juice for example, weakens the enamel, which can lead to tooth discoloration and/or increased chances of getting cracks and chips.

    That’s why it’s good advice to rinse and wait, especially if you didn’t brush before breakfast. Swish your mouth with water, then wait 40 minutes. That’s how long it takes for the calcium in your saliva to remineralize weakened areas. Then brush.

  • When you drive into work, do you open your windows to get some fresh air and help you wake up? Well, that’s a really bad idea, especially if you live in the city. In fact, air pollution on highways can be up to 10 times what it is in the suburbs or country. Diesel exhaust contributes to cancer, heart disease, and 'mystery' headaches.

    Instead of cracking those windows, hit the recirculate button on your AC, which will reduce your exposure to dangerous fumes.

  • Do you take your lunches to work everyday in those handy plastic containers? We’ve all done it! However, if you use them to heat something up, you increase phthalates that leach into the food. Phthalates can potentially alter hormones and damage sperm.

    A better choice is to reheat leftovers in glass containers OR try and do without the microwave altogether by packing your hot leftovers in a stainless steel thermos to keep it hot.

  • If you work in a busy office all day, chances are that you love to hit happy hour after work with some of your associates. Having a few drinks to knock off the stress can be a great way to unwind, unless you drive home directly afterward.

    Turns out that people with a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of just .01 percent (well below the legal .08 percent) are 46 percent more likely to cause a crash than drivers who are totally sober.

    A better solution is to eat something light before you imbibe, which lowers your BAC by 30 percent or more.

  • If you’re like me, you love to check your emails throughout the day, well into the night. That’s normal right? Well it might be normal but it turns out that it’s not really smart!

    A recent study at the University of Florida found that managers who used their smartphones for work after 9pm, woke up groggy the next day. Another larger study in Singapore showed that too little sleep can raise your odds of dying of stroke.

    For that reason, it’s a good idea to keep phone chargers out of the bedroom and turn off email notifications after 9pm. If someone has an emergency and needs to get in touch with you, they can surely call you instead.

    Those little decisions you make everyday certainly add up don’t they? See if you can’t break some of these health mistakes you’re making and decrease at least some of your odds of health problems later on.

    I wanted to keep this newsletter short and sweet in lieu of the Easter! Hope you all have a blessed and happy weekend!

    Easter bunny name image

    My name is Candy Marshmallow! Silly stuff!

    (I was also going to send you an April Fools Day joke but then thought better of it... Maybe next year I'll get up the nerve!)


    5 Health Mistakes You Make Everyday

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