What Are 3D Eyebrows and Who Should Get Them?

3D eyebrows are a very cool option for anyone who strives to have strong, dark brows. This is especially true if thinning has occurred. Having lush brows when you’re young doesn’t ensure that you’ll keep them. Over-plucking and an inactive thyroid gland can cause hair to be sparse later in life, especially towards the outside of the brow. The three dimensional method solves that problem.  

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Tattooing the brows has evolved a lot over the years. The old-school method involved using blocks of color, much like you’d do when coloring with crayons. The only colors that were used at the time were your basic black and brown. When the color faded, you could get some strange and undesirable colors. Thankfully, this is not the way things are today.

Now, there’s a variety of colors that professionals can choose from to closely match hair color and skin tone. Both are important aspects of choosing the right shade. Because the brow hairs are drawn individually, the 3D brows of today are much more dependable and look much more realistic.

What Are 3D Eyebrows?

Is a tattooing method that draws in and represents the individual hair strands that are normally found in the brows.

What Are the Different Techniques Used?

In one technique, 3D eyebrows are drawn in with a tattoo gun held in the hand of the professional. This method is less predictable but looks more natural.

Another method involves using a machine to tattoo the brows. Lines look cleaner and more uniform. However, that’s rarely how they look in real life.

In each case, semi-permanent micropigmentation ink is used.

The Cost?

Whatever method you choose, cost can wildly vary. According to Marie Caraccioli, owner of Carabella Facial Spa in Baton Rouge, the average cost is around $325 to $425, depending on where you live.

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How Long Do They Last?

The brows will probably need to be refreshed every one to three years. This depends largely on the quality of the semi-permanent ink that’s used during application. Because it is done only on the superficial layer, you can expect that it will fade some as your skin exfoliates.

I haven’t considered having my own brows done because they still look full. I surmise it’s also because I pulse dose iodine regularly to prevent my brows from thinning. However, not many people are doing this so I imagine, that the demand for 3D brows is very high. Iodine was removed from the food chain many years ago, which means that many more people are hyperthyroid today.

3D eyebrows - used with permission from Marie Caraccioli image

Application of 3D Eyebrows

  • Before you go to your appointment, its important to remove any makeup you have on IF you prefer the professional to choose the shape of the brow. If they’ve got lots of experience under their belt, they should be able to follow the natural contour of your existing brow to get the right shape.

    If you already have a brow shape in mind however, you can go ahead and use brow pencil to fill in the area to show the pro. Makeup can easily be removed on site.

  • The color should be left up to the pros. They can closely match what you want and what looks most natural. Leaving some areas to be filled in later with makeup is always wise. That way, if you want to draw in more lines to create more drama, you can do it yourself. It's totally your choice though.

    It's advisable to choose a slightly lighter shade than your natural hair color. Cool and warm skin tones are another major consideration. For example, golden browns are warm tones and ashy shades are cool tones. Which one looks best on you? You can find out more about the differences here.

    Remember you are making a commitment to having well-defined brows for at least one year.

  • Starting with one brow at a time, a topical numbing cream is applied to the entire area, which ensures minimal pain. Since it can take up to 20 minutes until the area fully numbs, take something to read, some music to listen to, or just lay back and relax. *Sigh*

  • After the skin has numbed, the cream is removed and tattooing begins. If it hurts really badly, ask the professional to apply more numbing cream.

    How long it takes varies but the entire process shouldn’t take more than an hour or so for an experienced professional.

  • After the tattoo’s are completed, the area will look red for a day or so. For the next week, you will need to apply the triple antibiotic salve that you were provided, three times daily. The point is to keep the area from scabbing up, which ensures that the ink will last longer and removes the chance of infection.

    Do not scratch or rub the area for the first week. You should also avoid getting the area wet in general. Inconvenient but that’s part of the process.

  • The price you paid should include a touch up session free of charge. Its best to ask beforehand if it’s included in the price because not all professionals do. Use the appointment as you deem necessary, because fading is always possible.

    Remember that after tattooing is first done, your 3D eyebrows will appear darker but will fade a little over the next few weeks.

  • The most important part of getting your eyebrows done is finding the right person to do it! Generally speaking, the more experience a person has, the better they become. Look around in your area or go slightly outside your immediate area if necessary. You’ve got to live with your decision for the next couple of years – so it’s imperative to have the right person.


    If you're in the area of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I highly suggest that you go see my good friend Marie Caraccioli. She's been doing 3D eyebrows a long time and has perfected her method!

    Carabella Facial Spa
    11920 Perkins Road, Ste. B
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810

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