10 Things Your Face Says About Your Lifestyle

Each morning, as we wake up and engage in our morning rituals, we spend more or less time analyzing ourselves in the mirror. Whether you are aware of this for a fact or not, your face can provide a lot of insight into your lifestyle.

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Your face can tell you about poor diet choices, pinpoint hormonal imbalances and clearly show signs of general tiredness. We believe it is important to recognize these signs and learn how to solve any existing problems, in order to maintain an excellent state of health.

#1 Perioal wrinkles

Many women are concerned about aging, with perioral wrinkles standing at the top of the concern list. However, the lines around the mouth can provide useful information regarding bad habits, such as chronic smoking. The obvious solution to this problem would be to stop smoking, trying out a nicotine patch or other anti-smoking products. Also, the regular application of lip balm can make perioral wrinkles less visible.

#2 Eye wrinkles

It is said that the genes determine how we age. However, according to recent studies, there are other factors involved in the process, including the prolonged exposure to the sun. If you have noticed a lot of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, this means you might have spent too much time in the sun. You can make those wrinkles less obvious by resorting to a quality anti-wrinkle cream; at the same time, you should minimize sun exposure, wearing protective sunglasses to protect the skin from additional stress.

#3 Dry lips

When your lips are dry, this is a clear sign that you are not drinking adequate quantities of water. The sensation of thirst appears long after the body has suffered from dehydration, so you do not have to wait to be thirsty, in order to drink water. Dehydration is not the only problem that can cause dry lips; you might also be suffering from a vitamin/nutrient deficiency (vitamin B, iron). In this case, it is time to visit the doctor and get your vitamin/nutrient supplements.

#4 Forehead acne

Forehead acne is not a pleasant thing to deal with, especially when you have reached a certain point in life. According to medical specialists, forehead acne can indicate the fact that you are not following a healthy diet, thus putting a lot of stress on the liver. You can remediate such problems by switching to a diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables; apart from that, you should increase your water intake, in order to flush out any toxins accumulated in the liver.

#5 Jawline acne

The presence of jawline acne can be a sign that you suffer from a hormonal imbalance. It is also a common problem in women who have reached a certain age, their estrogen levels beginning to decrease. According to Glozine latest lifestyle news, you can improve the appearance of your skin by including certain fruits and vegetables in your diet. Apricots and mangos, sweet potatoes and mushrooms (shiitake) are on the list of recommendations (high vitamin A content).

#6 Excess oil on the skin

If you have oily skin, you have to remember that poor diet choices will only cause more sebum to be produced by the oil glands. You need to avoid fatty foods, as these are the worst and use a good cleanser, one that is especially recommended for your skin type.

#7 Dark circles around the eyes

These are a clear sign that you are not sleeping the recommended amount of hours per night. At the same time, they can suggest that you present food intolerances, such as to gluten or dairy. Sleep more and change your diet for the best results.

#8 Dry skin

You might have been born with dry skin but there are a number of factors that clearly contribute to the problem. If you are consuming high quantities of alcohol or resort to caffeine-based beverages for daily functioning, your skin will only become drier (given the dehydrating effect of such beverages). Cut back and enjoy the rejuvenated aspect of the skin.

#9 Puffiness

The overall puffiness can provide useful information about your current lifestyle, suggesting that you need to slow down and rest more. Moreover, when you wake up with a puffy face, you have to ask yourself about your diet choices and how correct these actually are.

#10 Uneven pigmentation

If you have noticed brown spots or other signs of hyperpigmentation on your skin, you should watch out for your sun exposure. The more time you spent in the sun, the more damage you will cause to the skin, ultimately suffering from uneven pigmentation. Protect yourself from harmful UV rays with a quality sunscreen, preferably one that has a high SPF.

These are only ten things your face says about your lifestyle. As you have seen, many of them are related to your diet; basically, when you follow a healthy lifestyle, your face agrees. Others are related to sun exposure, suggesting that you need to watch out for how much time you spend in the sun.

Author Bio: Kathy Mitchell was born in the USA. She has done MA in English Literature. She loves to publish her article on different health and beauty websites. She is contributing to Consumer Health Digest. Follow her on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.


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